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Mi Wiki:Shoutbox

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Welcome to our shoutbox!!

Spam this and it's like spamming the wiki! Sign by adding :<~~~>, and post. Have fun! Talk if there is a vandal attacking or any others. Everyday, all the messages are cleared. You can add nicknames if you please. However, if you are impersonating a user, you will get a warning! Don't forget this appears on the main page! Any thing personal may be revealed if you use it for the wrong purposes. We also reveal the mode. Do not change it! Only Admins can. If you are confused what modes there are, go to Mi Wiki:Shoutbox/Modes.

Wiki Talk

<Crypt Raider> Oh no, KP Shadow joined D:

Idea by Crypt Raider, inspired by SonicMario's Cbox on SSS.

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